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Kansas City Athletics Documentary
Players reunion

Although baseball is one of the most statistics-oriented and archived aspects of American History, the thirteen years of the Kansas City A's has not been captured in a comprehensive visual record. To fill this void, producers Linda Haskins and Dave Pomeroy, are producing a public television documentary, Lucky 13: Kansas City Athletics Baseball 1955-1967.

In their brief residency in Kansas City, the A's left a colorful mark on the region and on major league baseball. Their play recalled the character of baseball's early days, yet the team is now often credited with timely innovations that still influence the game. Most of all, the A's time here convinced the community that Kansas City is a major league town.

Athletics reunion 1952-1967

The producers are collaborating with public television and Outpost Communications to tape the program in high definition. The production will be aired for many years and be available as an educational DVD resource documenting the late fifties and early sixties in Kansas City through the area's first major league sports team.

In addition to interviews with former Kansas City A's players, A's front office personnel, civic leaders and fans, the producers are drawing from a variety of resources including the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society, the Kansas City Museum, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Kansas City Star, and the Society for American Baseball Research. Existing professionally shot footage, home movies, and photos are being obtained.

If you have footage or photos that would be of use in this documentary, please contact the producers at their email or phone number below.

Tax-deductible donations can be made to public television to help complete this program. You or your company may receive exposure to local and national audiences through underwriting on-air and on printed materials and publicity associated with the program. Please contact the producers to find out information on how you can be part of this tribute to a cherished team and preservation of an important part of baseball history.

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