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Words of Choice
Words of Choice This video adaptation of a widely seen stage play reflects the experiences of women in the years since Roe v. Wade, and those leading up to it.

Available through National Film Network.
Deadly Fumes
Deadly Fumes A short public television documentary about one city's attempt to prohibit smoking in restaurants because of the secondhand-smoke dangers

Available through Take Ten, Inc.
Kansas Kid - Make it Matter
Kansas Kids: Make It Matter
A public television documentary showcasing community programs that nurture young people and children in Kansas

Available through Take Ten, Inc.

Domestic Violence - Voices from WithinDomestic Violence: Voices from Within
One program in a series for law enforcement, mental health, medical personnel, and victim education; uses interviews with domestic-violence survivors and perpetrators
Domestic Violence: The Right to be Safe
One program in a series that informs victims about orders of protection and demonstrates how to interact with the legal system
Available through Take Ten, Inc.