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Take Ten, Inc. videos document human-interest stories, promote awareness of public affairs issues, and educate people of all ages on diverse subjects.

Linda K. Haskins
Producer / Director / Writer

     Linda K. "Sam" Haskins is an independent producer with three decades experience in documentaries, public affairs, and educational programs. Her films and videos have received awards in numerous national and international competitions and festivals. In 1987 she founded her own production company, Take Ten, Inc. She has directed a diverse range of talent from children to celebrities.

     Among her productions are documentaries exploring personal stories such as Through My Sights, a program featuring a World War II armored car gunner’s photos and experiences in Europe aired on PBS; Crawfish and Freys, a depiction of an intergenerational Cajun family in Louisiana; and Henry D. Remple: Finding Hope in Troubled Times, a 98-year-old Russian Mennonite immigrant’s message for children who have experienced trauma, as he did escaping the Russian Revolution at age seven.  

Her work also covers children’s television including producer/director credits for the acclaimed PBS Reading Rainbow series, and documentaries for Kansas Public Television. Her current production is Lucky 13: Kansas City Athletics Baseball 1955-1967 for release on public television.




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