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Through My Sights DVDThrough My Sights: A Gunner's View of WWII
This video program follows GI Glenn Kappelman's unauthorized photo journey through the European front of 1944-45.

• Available through International Film Network
• Book available through taketeninc.com

THrough My Sights - book cover
Henry D. Remple DVD cover Henry D. Remple: Finding Hope in Troubled Times
Sixty years after his family's immigration to escape the Russian Revolution, Henry Remple's telling his traumatic childhood story to others  serves as a message of hope and resiliency.

• Available through International Film Network

Crawfish and Freys Crawfish and Freys
This finely woven and immensely appealing ethnographic documentary examines Southwestern Louisiana, where it illustrates how shared history, language, music, cuisine, and agriculture combine to create and perpetuate community and family ties.

• Available through International Film Network